If you wear prescription glasses, it can be hard to pair them with your virtual reality gaming set. They can feel uncomfortable or face other issues. Luckily, there are solutions for most compatibility issues with virtual reality headsets and prescription glasses. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Invest in contacts.

If your glasses are being squeezed to your face by your virtual gaming headset, you can attempt to loosen the straps on the headset, but unfortunately, that can make the headset too loose and let unwanted light in on the sides. Instead, the most effective solution is to invest in a pair of contacts.

It's important to note that contacts and glasses require different prescriptions, and if you currently only have a prescription of glasses, you will need to see your optometrist to get a new prescription for contacts.

2. Find prescription glasses with a smaller profile.

If contacts are not an option, consider buying prescription glasses with a lower profile. Take your virtual gaming headset to the optometrist, and try on prospective glasses with your headset.

3. Buy a defogging solution.

Unfortunately, virtual reality headsets have been known to fog up on their lenses, and if you wear prescription glasses, the fog can be even worse. It can affect both your glasses and the lens of your head set. To combat that issue, you need a defogging solution similar to that used by scuba divers.

Simply spray a few drops of the defogging solution on a cloth and apply it to your prescription glasses and the headset before you start playing.

4. Use a can of compressed air for dust.

In other cases, you may not have fog blocking your vision, but a lot of dust may get kicked up while you have the virtual reality headset on. If you find bits of dust or debris blocking your vision, grab a can of compressed air. A few sprays should easily remove most dust.

5. Study emerging trends and solutions.

As virtual reality headsets become more and more popular, new trends will surface to make them more compatible with prescription glasses. If you want your experience to be comfortable, it's important to stay on top of emerging trends.

For example, one company is working on setting your prescription lenses directly into the virtual reality headset, and another company is exploring the idea of adjusting the images you see on the screen, based on your refractive error so that you don't have to wear your glasses at all while virtual gaming.