If you have a school aged child who needs corrective lenses, they may be asking you for contact lenses. There isn't a magical age where all children are ready for contacts. To determine whether or not your child is ready, you have to consider the cues your child is giving you, their level of maturity and their personality. This article will go over the 4 signs that may tell you your child is ready to wear contact lenses.

There are extenuating circumstances

If your child has valid reasons for wearing contact lenses, then this is something you should seriously consider. An example would be if your child plays a sport that requires them to wear protective head gear. Wearing contacts would allow them to see clearly without being uncomfortable in glasses that may get in the way.

Their glasses are in good condition

If your child's glasses are scratched up and they can't find them half the time, then they may not be ready to transition into contacts. There is more maintenance involved with contacts. On the other hand, a child that's very responsible with their glasses would likely be the same way with contact lenses.

Your child understands the daily maintenance involved

Sit down with your child and ask them what they think is involved with regards to caring for contacts. If they don't know, that's fine, but you do want to educate them on how much work is involved and then make sure they still feel ready for them. There are plenty of online videos or even brochure from the optometrist (like Brooks Eyecare) that will offer your child instructions on all aspects of caring for contact lenses.

Your child is okay with touching their eyes

In order for your child to be ready for contacts, they need to be comfortable with putting something in their eye. See how well your child does with putting eye drops in their own eye. If they master it quite easily, then they may be a good candidate for contact lenses.

If you feel your child is ready for contacts, make an appointment to get them in to see the optometrist. When your child gets their contacts, make sure you don't leave the office until your child is comfortable putting them in and taking them out. If they are in need of new glasses as well, you should get them a pair at this time as well.