If you are going to be getting prescription glasses at some point in the near future, you may have your choice between glass or plastic lenses. While there are certain times glass lenses are the better choice, such as when your lenses are going to have bifocals, there are many benefits with plastic lenses. Here are 5 reasons why plastic lenses may be the best choice for your glasses.

Plastic lenses are harder to break

Plastic lenses can undergo more stress without the lenses breaking or chipping. This makes them a better choice for children, athletes, and anyone who works in an industry where objects may come into contact with their glasses. They can also take being dropped better. While they may scratch, where glass lenses won't, they can last much longer.

Plastic lenses are lighter

Plastic lenses will make your glasses lighter. This allows you to wear them more comfortably. Also, if you are a person who tends to get headaches easily, the lighter weight can help prevent headaches from coming on since they won't be applying excessive pressure to the bridge of your nose and your ears.

Plastic lenses take better to tint

If you are going to have a tint applied to your glasses, plastic glasses will accept the tint better than glass and other types of lenses. You can choose from a variety of tints so you get the color you like and the shade that works the best for your needs.

Special coatings can be applied

While plastic lenses can scratch, there is a way you can protect them. You can order your lenses to have a scratch resistance coating applied that will help protect them from scratches. Plastic lenses don't automatically come with UV protection, but it can also be easily applied to the lenses. These coatings help your plastic lenses catch up with glass lenses in the couple areas where they may normally be lacking.

It's important to note that glass lenses don't automatically come with UV protection without it being ordered.

Plastic lenses can be easier to get

More and more opticians are starting to offer plastic lenses more than they offer glass lenses. This can make ordering your glasses easier. You may be able to get your glasses back faster and for a better price when you go with plastic. If you are deciding which lenses work best for you then you should consider the benefits plastic lenses offer to help make your decision. For assistance, talk to a professional like Bergh-White Opticians, Inc.