If you suffer from glaucoma, you might deal with discomfort in your eyes, trouble with your vision, and the fear that you will eventually go blind. This means that you are probably always looking for ways to make your glaucoma better, and you might find yourself working with your eye care professional and primary care physician on a regular basis to help get treatment. Although it's always smart to see your optometrist about your glaucoma or glaucoma-related symptoms, you shouldn't assume that there isn't anything that you can do yourself. For example, following these three at-home tips can help you manage your glaucoma and prevent it from getting worse.

1. Stop Consuming So Much Caffeine

If you currently find yourself drinking a lot of coffee and soda, now is the time to start cutting back. You should also be careful about any supplements that you might take, such as energy supplements or weight loss pills, that might contain caffeine. Caffeine can help increase your eye pressure, which can make your symptoms of glaucoma worse. Try switching to decaffeinated versions of your favorite beverages to help reduce these symptoms.

2. Sip Your Favorite Beverage

Drinking too much water or other favorite beverages at one time can actually cause your eye pressure to increase temporarily, which can cause problems when you have glaucoma. Instead of drinking large amounts at one time, it's best to keep a water bottle close at hand when you're out and about. Then, you can sip on small amounts all throughout the day, which can help prevent your eye pressure levels from increasing.

3. Learn How to De-Stress

Stress can take a major toll on all parts of your body, including your eyes. If you find yourself becoming too stress, you could be at an increased risk of an acute glaucoma attack. Therefore, you need to learn how to keep your stress levels as low as possible. Learn breathing exercises, or try sipping on a cup of hot tea when you are feeling especially stressed out. By learning how to control your stress the natural way, you can help keep your eyes and the rest of your body as healthy as possible.

Dealing with glaucoma isn't easy, and it does require the assistance of a medical professional. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't do what you can at home, however. Following these simple at-home tips can help you keep your glaucoma under control. Learn more here.