If you are worried about cataracts, you might want to take a moment to review the following signs of cataracts. This way, you will know whether it is time to finally make an appointment with your eye care professional and find out more about cataract surgery to help you:

It's Getting Cloudy

The development of cataracts can happen slowly over time. Therefore, you might have a lot of days where your vision seems to be just fine. However, one of the earlier signs of the development of cataracts is some blurry vision. You may still be able to read everything and see what you need to see, but the lines of things are no longer sharp.

Night Time Activities Are Limited

 As cataracts develop, you might find that things such as driving at night are near impossible. Whether you thought it was the bright artificial lights or the darkness, you need to seek treatment if you have noticed a problem.

Bright Lights Hurt

Has a doctor tried to look into your eyes with a flashlight and found that it hurt? Those who are developing or who already have cataracts will find that they have an increased sensitivity to bright lights.

You Are Seeing In Double

As the cataracts get worse, you might find that you are seeing many things in double. In some cases, you might see single objects in sets of three. This can be not only very irritating, but dangerously distracting. For example, double vision is dangerous when you are driving a vehicle, working with heavy machinery, and simply crossing the street.

You Keep Buying New Glasses

Simply purchasing a new pair of reading glasses might be a temporary solution for you. However, if you find that you keep going back to the department store or pharmacy for new glasses, you might have a cataract that is developing quickly.

The Lights Have Halos

Just because bright lights do not hurt you does not mean that you are not developing cataracts. In many cases, the biggest problem with lights is that you might be able to see a halo around all of the bright lights.

With all of the previously mentioned signs in mind, you should have no problem noticing if you are having any vision problems that might be the development of cataracts. Should you find that you are having issues, you will need to speak to your eye care professional as soon as possible so you can be diagnosed and properly treated.